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TV, AUTO products, Home Appliances, PC, Telephones, Audio & Video last seasons products.


OD-11, OD-12 Explorer (S), OD-21, OD-31_Explorer(TB), OD-41C, OC-19FH9902, OD-12 Sensation (S), OD-11 Saturn (B), DECT OD-13, OC-19FH798, OC-19FR03B, OC-19FR12A, OC-19FR8917A, OC-19FR8920A, OC-19FR9002A, OC-19FR5TB, OC-19FR6TB


CTV, LCD and TVR last seasons TV models.

AUTO products

Last seasons automobile product models (Car DVDs, Car mini TFT TVs, etc).

Home appliances

Last seasons home appliances product models: kitchen products, cleaning products, beauty and health products, and climate equipment.

Computer products

Mouse, keyboards, monitors, and other last seasons computer products.

Audio & Video

Last seasons Audio and video playback products (DVD players, DVD recorders, МР3 players, Active Speakers and others).