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Automobile Equipment

AV Multi-Media Centers

Fully functional car multimedia centers, harmoniously uniting all of necessary functions VIDEO+AUDIO+RADIO+TV+GPS(!)

CAR Navigation Systems

The renewed model rows of GPS-navigators are portable devices with which you will never lose your way. They unite guide-book and digital entertaining system, which reproduces video files, Mp3 music, and also JPEG pictures.

MP3-MP4 players and receivers

New development! Car radio receivers with possibility of reading from USB/SD/MMC carriers, with a built-in power-amplifier 45Wx4 - form the budget audio system in your car. Some models support reproducing of video files from USB/SD/MMC carriers, and with mini LCD TV - create a "home movie theater" in your car.

Automobile coolers

Beautiful devices for cooling and heating products. It can also keep your products warm or cooled for a long time. Working in your automobile (12V) and at home (220V).

CAR Video Registrators

Wide range of devices for recording video while you are driving a car. Supports video, audio, photo, TV. High resolution, wide viewing angles, rotative screens and many others.