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Audio & Video


ORION audio and video systems will be very useful while you are spending free time. Enjoy listening to your favourite music and watching movies anytime, anywhere.


Docking stations

ORION Docking station is the device to which you can connect almost all iPOD and iPHONE models via special adapters. This device has a modern design and LCD display. ORION docking station is equipped with 2 speakers to produce high quality sound. Enjoy listening to your favorite music from your iPOD or iPHONE via ORION docking station!

Music Centers

ORION Music Centers - enjoy listening to the music and watching video! ORION Music Centers are equipped with popular USB/SD/MMC/MS inputs and support different video and audio formats.

Portable DVDs

Enjoy yourself with ORION Portable DVD anytime, anywhere! Watch your favourite movies, listen to the music and even play games!

Digital photo frames

Digital Photo Frame ORION - multimedia device with which you can not only view photos, but also enjoy listening to your favorite music and watch movies.

Digital MP3/MP4 Players

Fantastic small and easy to use "friends", that will bring to you unforgettable pleasure. They are compact, informative and have a super sound and video quality!

Clock Radio

ORION Clock Radio - irreplaceable home device. Modern powerful design, easy to adjust time and alarm sound, wide display, can set your favourite radio station as alarm signal and you will wake up with music. ORION Clock Radio will help you to plan your day with confidence.

TV Antennas

Compact home TV Antennas ORION with wide frequency range can guarantee perfect image transmission.