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Beauty and Health

Hair Straighteners

If you want your hair to be straight and perfectly arranged, if you want to change your usual style – ORION hair straighteners will help you with your problem. Ceramic plates of ORION hair straightener effect on your hair very softly: the heat is evenly spread all over the surface of the device and doesn’t burn hair.

Hair Curlers

Professional hair curlers, that mainly used in Beauty Salons, are performed now for home use also.

Hair Clippers

With the help of modern and quality ORION Hair clippers you can make nice and stylish haircut right at your home. ORION Hair clippers are easy-to-use, capable to substitute usual scissors and cut down time that you need for making haircut.

Hair Dryers

ORION Hair dryers are notable not only for variety of powers but also for availability of different functions: cool shot, ionization, temperature switch setting, overheat protection etc. Having arranged your hair with the help of ORION hair dryer your hairdo will always be perfect and stylish!


With ORION Mirror you will definitely look gorgeous. The process of doing make-up or shaving will be much easier with ORION mirror. It is double sided and swivels 360 degrees for perfect viewing. One side magnifies the reflection so you can view the smallest details of your face.

Foot Massagers

Massage in ORION Foot massager is the most effective way to save your legs from tiredness. It combines beneficial effect of water and massage, relaxing features and health-improving effect. Small stimu-nodes stimulate blood circulation and ensure muscles relaxation, thermal effect improves tissue compliance and joint flexibility.


Memory, clear digital readout, body fat range chart for easy health assessment, measuring of body fat and body water contents. These and other functions are combined in ORION scales.


Super sharp blades of ORION shavers, 360 all-around shave and face profile tracking system ensure perfectly clean shaving of long and short hair. Some electric shavers also have built-in trimmer to look after your beard and side-whiskers.

Lint Removers

If you want your knitted wear always to look new you should use ORION Lint remover. Exactly this simple device will help you to keep your clothes in good condition. ORION Lint removers will extend the life of your favorite jackets and sweaters. With the help of this device you will easily remove lint from your clothes.


Fast and efficient ceramic epilation systems.

Nose trimmers

A special appliance - ORION trimmer will save you from the trouble of removing the excess hair in nose and ears. Safe and easy to use, runs on batteries.

Electric curlers

Electric curlers ORION will help you to create beautiful hairdo and shiny curls! You will no longer have problems with hair styling!

Body massagers

ORION body massagers are designed to provide temporary relief for minor aches and pains, muscular tensions and improve your well-being

Manicure and pedicure sets

Using ORION manicure and pedicure set your hands and feet will always be well-groomed and beautiful. Many attachments and functions: shaping nails, removing hard skin, removing cuticles, polishing nails. You will get a perfect manicure and pedicure without any effort!

Garment steamers

ORION garment steamer is a unique device for steaming your clothes right on the hanger. Your clothes will always look neat and perfect. Many advantages: time saving, self-cleaning, a variety of nozzles, high steam output.